Post your financial query on Wisejay/ Openhouse in ONE MINUTE.

So, you have an investment related  or a tax related question. 

How can you get the answer?

Ask your friend . But, is your friend the best person to answer that ? In most cases, NO.

Search the internet.  Not only it will take a lot of effort, but also – answers specific to your situation may not be available,

Assume that you know the answer.  This is the most dangerous situation. Please do not do it.


To solve the above issue- we have built Openhouse where you can post your query easily.

Some features of Openhouse: 

1. You can post your questions anonymously to have more privacy.

2. You can upload any document. Currently, only pictures will be displayed. Other files will appear as links.

3. You can access your posted questions anytime from the Notification/Activity Panel. You can Edit any part of the question anytime with few clicks. You can delete the question any time.

4. You will get real time notification when someone answers your question. Only ‘Service Providers’ are allowed to answer.

5. You can have a discussion on the answer posted by posting reactions to the answers. Real time notifications allow you to have a real conversation.

6. Multiple answers are allowed. So, you can get various points of views.

7. The answers can be liked, shared on different social media and you can see the profile of the answer poster.


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Claim your FREE Financial Evaluation on – Client Account

The very first step towards your Financial Planning is understating your financial priorities. We have developed the Financial Evaluator  just for that purpose. This evaluator not only gives you information about your current situation, but also makes forecasts about your financial situation in the future.

This is not a Financial Plan but points to your financial pain points and priorities. Hope this helps you understand your financial situation a little more clearly. The figures in this report are not absolute and are best estimates based on current macroeconomic assumptions and your entered information. As we update the macroeconomic assumptions, the figures will change. We recommend you to create this report on a periodic basis and any time your financial situation changes. Examples of such changes are life events such as marriage or receipt of an inheritance.

We strongly recommend you not to fill this form in a hurry or from memory. After entering data in the Personal Profile page, just review the information that is required for the Financial Evaluation. Collect the documents to refer to required information and then fill the form. We do not require you to fill precise information. We also suggest that you change some the assumptions (such as Salary growth rate or Reserve Fund) and see what happens to the evaluation – in short carry out Scenario Analysis for different assumptions.

There are two ways you can get help in this page –

1. The guide on the top the page, and

2. The Green dots  next to entry fields.

Click on the Guide button or hover on the Green Dots to get more information.

To get a complete picture of your finances, we need to get information on your 1. Income sources, 2. Expenses, 3. Assets, 4. Liabilities and 5. Retirement Choices.

Accordingly, this form is divided into five sections.


The Income and Expenses sections require you to enter annual data.

We use popups on this page – please allow popup for  Most popups are calculators designed to help you calculate values of different assets and liabilities.

Interest rates on the page are APR or quoted rates. So, no calculation is required and you can use the rated mentioned in the offer documents.

Terminology in Loan pop-ups:

Original Principal:

The actual amount of loan you have received. We are assuming that you have  received the whole loan amount at once. If you have received the loan amount in installments, then consider them as separate loans.


Quoted interest rate for the loan. If not sure, contact the lender.

Payments already made:

The NUMBER of payments already made. For example, the loan term is 5 years and you have to make monthly payments i.e. 12 payments per year. That  means 60 total payments. It has already been one year since you took the loan and you  paid monthly EMI – 12 payments so far.  So, Payments Already Made = 12.

Rest of the figures will be be calculated automatically.

Retirement Inputs:

If you are single and do not have a pension plan-  you can simply click submit and go to the report.

If you are married or have joint finances, you will need to enter  your spouse or partner’s date of births.

If you have a pension plan, but do not know the details – just click the checkbox for that purpose. Same for your spouse or partner. You do not have to guess the Pension Percentage the system will calculate it automatically.

The rest of the inputs will be automatically calculated.

Sample report pages:



If you have any more doubt about terminology, etc. Please post your question on the Openhouse.

Or, you can contact us at


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How to create account in seconds?

Creating an account on is a matter of seconds.

There are two types of accounts on

  1. Client Account : If you are looking for help with your finances.
  2. Service Account : If you are here to help people with their finances or sell financial products.


Step 1:

Choose what type of account you want to create.  need a Tax Number for Service Account.

Step 2: 

If you want to create a Client Account, click on “Create Client Account” button and access the Client Registration panel.

If you want to create a Service Account, scroll down and click on “Create Service Account” button to access Registration panel for Service Providers.

Step 3:

You can either use Email- Password combination for registration or use Facebook account for quick access.

Email- Password Combination:

Enter a valid email in the “Email” field, enter a password of your choice in the “Password” and “Re-Enter password” fields. For security reasons the passwords require to follow some rules

1. Password at least 8 characters and at most 16 characters long.

2. Password must contain at least one capital, one small letter, ,one number and one special characters from : ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ – + and

3. No other special character is allowed.

Click on the “Submit” button. This will create your account and send an email to your email address for verification. Open your email and look for mail from Wisejay with the subject “Wisejay account activation”. Open the email and click on the “Click Me” button. This will activate your account and then you can to login to your account using Email and Password.

Note: If you create account using Email – Password, you cannot login using Facebook even if your Facebook account has the same email address.

Facebook Sign-up:

On the Registration panel look for “Sign-up with Facebook” button. Click on the button. If you are already logged into Facebook, your account will be automatically created and you will be taken to your Personal Profile.

If you are not logged into Facebook, a new window will be opened and you will be asked to enter your Facebook Email and password. 

Note: If you an create account using Facebook credentials, you cannot login using Email- Password,  even if your Facebook account has the same email address.




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