Post your financial query on Wisejay/ Openhouse in ONE MINUTE.

So, you have an investment related  or a tax related question. 

How can you get the answer?

Ask your friend . But, is your friend the best person to answer that ? In most cases, NO.

Search the internet.  Not only it will take a lot of effort, but also – answers specific to your situation may not be available,

Assume that you know the answer.  This is the most dangerous situation. Please do not do it.


To solve the above issue- we have built Openhouse where you can post your query easily.

Some features of Openhouse: 

1. You can post your questions anonymously to have more privacy.

2. You can upload any document. Currently, only pictures will be displayed. Other files will appear as links.

3. You can access your posted questions anytime from the Notification/Activity Panel. You can Edit any part of the question anytime with few clicks. You can delete the question any time.

4. You will get real time notification when someone answers your question. Only ‘Service Providers’ are allowed to answer.

5. You can have a discussion on the answer posted by posting reactions to the answers. Real time notifications allow you to have a real conversation.

6. Multiple answers are allowed. So, you can get various points of views.

7. The answers can be liked, shared on different social media and you can see the profile of the answer poster.


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