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As we will see later, opportunities and threats for a firm may come outside the industry as well. This is why to get a comprehensive understanding of the value a...


As discussed before, to understand the value and risk exposure of a firm we need to understand the industry value chain. Let us take the example of the Oil & Gas in...

Why do we buy a car? What is it that is of value to us in a car? How do we measure that value?

Is it the number of rides or the number of kilomemters we can use the car for or is it fullfil...

We can see in the below graph that the growth rate itself has a positive trend – increased from ~4% in the 1990s to ~8% as of 2018.

This growth in consumer spending is primarily drive...

The primary driver of Indian GDP growth is the Household consumption expenditure which represents ~60% of the GDP as of 2018 and stood at $1.622 Trillion at current USD and $5.488 Trillion International dollars on a PPP basis.

Indian growth is structurally different from the Chinese because as mentioned it is primarily driven by domestic consumption rather than export in case of China....

2. Imports

Indian imports are primarily goods which still represent around 80% of total imports.


Though the ratio to GDP has been declining over the years but at a very slow pace.

The goal of this series is to assess the long term trends and not to comment about GDP in an individual year.

The business cycle is a reality of line and growth of the economy fluctuates in...

In the period 1990-2018, Household Consumption grew by CAGR ~7.5%, Capital Formation by CAGR ~8.4% and government expenditure by CAGR ~8% in USD terms.

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